B737 Captain – Suparna Airlines

at Suparna Airlines
Published 14th December 2020
Location Shanghai, China
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Job Type Captain Jobs  


Suparna Airlines is an airlines with its headquarters in the Pufa Tower in Pudong, Shanghai. Started and flourished as a Cargo airlines, it has become a Passenger airlines since December 2015 with launches of domestic passenger flights from Shanghai-Pudong Airport to Guyang, Sanya and Zhuhai using a single Boeing 737-800. Permission was also granted for international flights to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Position Captain Copilot (Has CAAC license) Requirements Total Flight Hours 5000+ 3000+ Total Rated  Hours 500+ Last Proficiency Check Within 6 months ATPL Type rated; Valid Age Less than 55 years old ICAO English Proficient in air-navigation communication Medical Certificate Class I; Within 6 months; Valid Passport  Valid Criminal Record No History of Incidents and Accidents No Be a citizen of a country with diplomatic relations with PRC and member of ICAO
Work Option  1 2 3 Total Monthly 23,500 USD 19,500 USD 18,400 USD Contracting Mode same as Chinese pilots 9 consecutive days off per month 45 days on *15 consecutive days off *Basic Monthly Salary 17,000 USD 13,000 USD 12,000 USD Paid Leave 15 days annual leave; 7 days sick leave *Merit Pay 2,000 USD/Month *Type Allowance 1,500 USD/Month *Base Allowance 800 USD/Month 700 USD/Month Housing Allowance 1,800 USD/Month Transportation Allowance 400 USD/Month *Overtime Pay 200 USD/Hour over 900 hours per year 200 USD/Hour over 60 hours per month Loyalty Bonus 6,000 USD after 12-month service  12,000 USD after 24-month service  18,000 USD per year after 36-month service Contract Renewal Bonus Renew contract for more than 3 years after expiration: 20,000 USD bonus + 4 free domestic tickets Free Tickets For Pilot and his family members: 1st year: 2 internationals & 6 domestics;  2nd year: 4 internationals & 8 domestics; 3rd year and following: 6 internationals & 10 domestics Plus annual no more than 60 staff discount tickets within HNA airlines Instructor Benefits  If  a crew member gets an instructor certificate issued by CAAC Class-B Instructor allowance: 800 USD per month Class-C Instructor allowance: 1,500 USD per month  Hourly wage and inspection fees will be paid according to company standards for simulator instructional flights, inspection and base training missions. Notes: Co-pilot will be paid with 70% of items with *
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