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Location Beijing, China
Date Posted 11th February 2020
Category Pilot
Job Type Captain


Beijing Capital Airlines is member of Hainan Group of airlines, the largest non-Stated owned airline group in China. The airline has a registered capital of 1.5 billion yuan ($219.7 million) and is majority owned by Hainan Airlines’ parent HNA Group, which holds a 70% stake. State-owned Beijing Tourism Group owns the remaining 30% of the airline.

The airline was formerly known as Deer Air and it was established in 1995. Began offering international services in 1998. In 2007 started receiving Airbus 319s and began returning Boeing 737s. The airline was authorized by the Civil Aviation Administration of China to operate scheduled air services in 2009. On May 4th 2010 the scheduled operation using Airbus aircraft was renamed Beijing Capital Airlines.

There has been a consistent increase in Beijing Capital Airlines fleet size of A320 family aircraft since starting operations. They currently operate 73 A320 series aircraft (20 A319, 34 A320, 11 A321 and 8 A330) and plan to have a severe fleet expansion in the coming years, to bring the fleet up to 150 aircraft by 2020. The Airline is planning as well a fleet of up to 25-30 A330’s by 2018 and Expat Pilots will be selected for upgrade after a first contract.

Beijing Capital Airlines has 8 domestic Chinese bases currently in operation including Beijing, Haikou, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Sanya, & Xian (location of world famous Terra Cotta Warriors). All regular charter flights are domestic including to Hainan Island “The Tropics of China” where the Hainan Group Headquarters are located, as well as International flights to Japan, Thailand Australia, United States and Spain. Many air routes are opened to East Asian destinations as well at this time. Concerning the A330 fleet, European destinations will include Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris and Madrid from both Beijing and Hangzhou, as well as destinations in Australia & New Zealand.

Bases of Operation: Beijing, Hangzhou, Sanya, Xi ́an, Guangzhou or other mutually agreed location on BCA network.

Flight Routes: Domestic and International Scheduled

Minimum Requirements :

  • A320F/330F Captains.
  • Minimum of 3000 TT for A320, 4000TT for A330.
  • Minimum of 500 hours PIC on A320F or 1000H on A330F
  • Valid Class I Medical.
  • ICAO English level 4 or above.
  • 3 take off and landings on aircraft type within the past 12 months.
  • Hold a valid A32F/A330 Proficiency Check and type rating on license.
  • No flight accident record; No criminal record.
  • Equal or less than 55 years old at commencement of contract.

Remuneration Package :

Option 1: 91 days off/Year

Totally year salary: 254,000USD

Monthly salary: 16,000USD


·       Safety bonus: 10,000USD/Year

·       Contract Completion Bonus: 12,000USD/Year

·       Contract renewal bonus : 150,000RMB


·       Living allowance 17,500RMB/month

·       Travel allowance 10,000USD/Year

·       Education allowance 7,000RMB/month

·       Block hours: 680 hours

·       Overtime fee: 373USD/h

Contract:  3 years renewable

Option 2121 days off/Year

Totally year salary: 226,400USD

Monthly salary: 15,000USD


·       Safety bonus: 8,000USD/Year

·       Contract Completion Bonus: 10,000USD/Year

·       Contract renewal bonus : 150,000RMB


·       Living allowance 8,400RMB/month

·       Travel allowance 8,000USD/Year

·       Education allowance 7,000RMB/month

·       Block hours: 600h/Yearly

·       Overtime fee: 377USD/h

Contract:  3 years renewable

Option 3182 days off/Year

Totally year salary: 175,000USD

Monthly salary: 12,000USD


·       Safety bonus: 6,000USD/Year

·       Contract Completion Bonus: 7,000USD/Year

·       Contract renewal bonus : 150,000RMB


·       Living allowance 7,000RMB/month

·       Travel allowance 6,000USD/Year

·       Education allowance 7,000RMB/month

·       Block hours: 550h/Yearly

·       Overtime fee: 372USD/h

Contract:  3 years renewable

Training salary :

Stage 1 : Ground Training – 6 weeks : 60% of basic salary

Stage 2 : Line Training : 70% of basic salary

Stage 3 : Solo Released : 100% Salary based on Roster choice

 Extra Benefits :

Employee travel:

  • Positive air transportation at commencement and termination of contract with 50 kilos excess luggage allowance.
  • Unlimited access for crew member and immediate family members upon seat availability (ID75) on Beijing Capital Airlines network.
  • Unlimited access for crew member upon seat availability (ID75) on the domestic network of Hainan Airlines.

Other Benefits:

  • Available CAAC Loss of License Subscription for BCA pilots, BCA covers 70% of the fee
  • BCA provides a World wide Medical Insurance for the pilot during the terms of his contract, and the possibility to subscribe the direct family members at the corporate rate
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