CFI Jobs

at Rusty Bill's School of Flying
Published 24th November 2020
Location Elmendorf, Texas
Category Pilot Jobs  
Job Type Flight Instructor Jobs  


Job Description:
Job Responsibilities

The optimal candidate will be responsible for:

  • Performing discovery flights
  • Performing flight training duties
  • Performing ground training duties
  • Maintaining a safe training environment
  • Maintaining a fun and engaging training environment
  • Scheduling students
  • Helping students with faa and other paperwork required to attain licenses and ratings

Job Requirements:

  • Please be under 200lbs…the lighter the better, you know why.
  • 500 hrs total flight time or more is required for insurance purposes
  • 100 hrs total time dual given or more is required for insurance purposes
  • 100 hrs time in Cessna 150/152 required for insurance purposes

Career Growth Opportunities

Naturally you might be building hours towards other professional goals. Rusty Bill’s is currently looking to purchase a second aircraft and more in the future. Initially all profits will be reinvested in the business and that includes loyal CFI’s that are employed. Raise after 1 year is expected, as is a full training schedule as soon as we can generate the demand. Rusty Bill’s is a new business so with that the CFI should expect a slower paced start as the business begins to take off. The CFI well be treated with respect and his/her ideas for the business will be welcomed and appreciated. As the business grows, we will hire more instructors and purchase more planes. Rusty Bill’s expects to purchase both tailwheel, complex, lights sport, and aerobatic aircraft in the future. A wide range of aircraft will allow our pilots a more exciting training environment as well as allow Rusty Bill’s the ability to satisfy many pilot demands in the future.

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