First Officer Cargo Pilot Jobs – Greensboro, North Carolina

at 21 Air
Published 8th August 2023
Location Greensboro, North Carolina
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Job Type First Officer Jobs  


Job Type


The FO shall serve as Second in Command (SIC) on 21 Air flights requiring two pilot crewmembers and should be prepared to

assume the duties of the PIC should the PIC become incapacitated. First  Officers shall be directly responsible to the

Captain assigned to the flight on which they serve. While acting in this capacity, the First Officer shall comply with all regulations and

directives pertaining to the conduct of the flight in a manner suitable to the Captain. The First Officer administratively reports

to the Chief Pilot and functionally reports to the Captain of each flight.



. Responsibilities

• Ensures that he/she operates in accordance with 21 Air’s approved/accepted manuals and, as applicable, the Operations Specifications, FARs, FAA Orders,

Airworthiness Directives, Advisory Circulars, Handbook Bulletins, Directives, and Manufacturer’s recommendations. Performs all duties in accordance with

instructions and information given in the GOM, FCOM1, and other 21 Air manuals as required.

• Complies with all administrative programs including airport/route qualification, flight time limitations, currency requirements (FAA Medical, takeoffs and landings, home

study courses, etc.), pilot flight equipment, uniform discipline, manuals, policies and procedures, and others, as assigned.

• Ensures Flight Crewmember appearance, attendance and personal conduct are in compliance with 21 Air policy, culture, and core values.

• Keeps current and licensed in all respects relating to the flight(s), domestic and international, to be performed.• Immediately notifies the Chief Pilot of any discrepancy or

incident that may affect his/her ability, or 21 Air ability, to perform within the parameters of safety, regulatory compliance, and fiscal responsibility.

• Must read, write, and speak English fluently.

2. Authorities

• Take action, as deemed necessary, to resolve any problems or situations that may compromise safety or compliance.

• When assigned by the Captain, direct the Flight Crew in a safe and efficient manner to meet the operational requirements of 21 Air.

• Perform all other administrative duties as assigned by the Chief Pilot.

• Delegate duties and authority defined for this position; responsibilities may not be delegated.


Minimum Requirements:

  1. An Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (ATP) and Multi-Engine Land Rating; and Flying Experience1,500 hours total pilot time, and
  2. an FAA First Class Medical Certificate, and
  3. a simulator evaluation (can be waived by the Company)
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