PC-12 Type Rated Captains Life Flight Network US

at Life Flight Network US
Published 24th August 2020
Location ., United States of America
Category Pilot Jobs  
Job Type Captain Jobs  


Required skills

  • Aircraft model: PC-12
  • Type required: Yes
  • Languages: English
  • FAA ATP;
  • FAA Class 1 flight crew medical certificate;
  • 2500 hours flying experience Pilot in Command;
  • 1500 hours on turbine aircraft;
  • 1000 hours in an aircraft with retractable gear;
  • 500 hours on turboprop aircraft;
  • 250 hours IFR;
  • 250 hours of total night flying experience;
  • Higher School Certificate;
  • The unrestricted right to live and work in the US;
  • Minimum of 6 years’ experience as a professional pilot;
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite;
  • Ability to communicate both verbally and written;
  • Customer service skills, with the ability to communicate effectively with all levels of organisation;
  • Travel by personal or company vehicle throughout LFN’s service area is required;
  • Must hold a valid driver’s license, an automobile in good repair and be able to provide proof of auto insurance.

Desired skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation or related field;
  • 25 hours operating a PC-12 and successful completion of ground and flight school within last 12 months;
  • Recent air medical transportation experience;
  • Mountain experience.
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