Pilot in Command – WA

at Executive Jet Management US
Published 16th January 2021
Location Seattle, Washington
Category Pilot Jobs  
Job Type Captain Jobs  


Job Description:
The PIC is responsible for ensuring a safe, dependable, and professional experience for all individuals traveling on the aircraft.

The PIC is responsible for the conducting and overseeing all trip planning and execution, including, but not limited to:
  • Ensuring the aircraft meets all performance and airworthiness requirements
  • Completing and/or assisting other crewmember(s) with aircraft preflight duties
  • Ensuring all flights comply with company policies and Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Selecting the safest and most efficient flight routes and airports
  • Establishing contingency plans and alternates
  • Calculating aircraft weight and balance and ensuring the aircraft is operated within its weight and balance requirements
  • Evaluating weather and other factors that may affect the safety, timing or routing of a flight (significant weather events, forecast turbulence, special events, airspace restrictions, air traffic congestion, etc.)
  • Ensuring all required permits and documents are obtained prior to departure
  • Providing an exceptional service experience to the passengers
  • Must demonstrate ability to work exceptionally well with others in a collaborative, small team environment
  • Responsible for conducting passenger briefings
  • Must comply with company confidentiality policy

Job Requirements:

  • Airman Certificate
  • ATP
  • Ratings
  • Appropriate PIC Type Rating
  • Medical Certificate*
  • First-class, valid for ATP privileges
  • Total Flight Time
  • 3500
  • Pilot in Command
  • 2000
  • Multi Engine Land
  • 1500
  • Multi Engine PIC
  • 500
  • Instrument
  • 300
  • Turbine Engine
  • 500
  • Jet
  • 500
  • Preference will be given to local candidates with Falcon 7X or similar aircraft size experience.
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