Director of Flight Operations/Chief Pilot

at Eastern WV Regl Airport Authority dba MRB Aviation
Published 30th December 2020
Location Martinsburg, West Virginia
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Job Type Captain Jobs  


Job Description:
Director of Flight Operations / Chief Pilot
Eastern West Virginia Regional Airport Authority (EWVRAA)
Martinsburg, West Virginia, United States
The following job description and specifications are not intended to reflect all the duties performed within this position.
Description           Salaried, Exempt, Executive


The Director of Flight Operations / Chief Pilot role is a flying and management position responsible for performing and ensuring that the EWVRAA’s aircraft fleet (currently one King Air 200) is operated in accordance with all applicable FAA regulations and is kept compliant and safe in line with MRB Aviation and the aircraft manufacturer’s maintenance program. Manages the overall operation of the MRB Aviation air charter operation. Coordinates aircraft maintenance with the Director of Aircraft Maintenance and flight scheduling and logistics with the Air Charter/Administrative Coordinator.

The Director of Flight Operations/Chief Pilot will ensure that the aircraft’s flight records (physical and electronic), files and manuals are kept current and in accordance with acceptable industry standards. Duties include performing air charter flights as Captain and Pilot-in-Command. Other essential duties include formulating and tracking the Air Charter  department’s expense and capital budgets, briefing and de-briefing crewmembers, the Air Charter/Administrative Coordinator and the Flight Operations Division Head on activities/requirements for the company aircraft, completing applicable paperwork as it may apply to flights and the operation of the aircraft. The Director of Flight Operations / Chief Pilot will be expected to support and adhere to our Part 135 Air Carrier Flight Operations Manual, Safety Management System, and Vision, Mission and Values.
  • Coordinates scheduled maintenance with the Director of Aircraft Maintenance, Air Charter/Administrative Coordinator and the Flight Operations Division Head
  • Perform the duties of a Captain
  • Ensures the Flight Operations aircraft are operated to the highest level of safety and that all crew members maintain professional standards at all time
  • Supervises the screening, selecting and monitoring of future Captain and first officer candidates
  • Responsible for pilot scheduling, performance appraisals, and providing  feedback to other pilots and the Air Charter/Administrative Coordinator (dispatch). Must take corrective or developmental actions when required
  • Oversees Specimen transport, assuring standard operating procedures are being adhered to
  • Ensure that flight schedule operates in an efficient and cost-effective manner, maintaining a high level of service for customers and clients
  • Informs crew, travelers, maintenance department, and other pertinent personnel of all changes to itineraries prior to or during course of trip
  • Along with the Director of Aircraft Maintenance, monitors hours on aircraft until next aircraft inspection is due and other maintenance work is to be completed on each aircraft
  • Manipulate flight schedules to accommodate aircraft maintenance work. Assist in the evaluations, engineering and development of aircraft modifications and improvements
  • Manage and negotiate all fuel prices, landing fees, etc. at off-site locations
  • Approves some Air Charter-related invoices in coordination with the Executive Director
  • Manages training program for flight crew members and monitors status of crewmember qualifications.
  • Monitors flight standards in accordance with FOM SOP
  • Serves as a key interface and primary point of contact with FAA Baltimore FSDO inspectors
  • Maintains a high level of proficiency in operating departmental computers and related equipment
  • Ensures that all records (physical and electronic), files, logbook entries, supporting data and manuals are kept current, organized, and signed off and retained in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations for Part 135 Air Carriers, EWVRAA’s Flight Operation Manual, and industry best practices
  • Ensure that the aircraft’s exterior and interior is kept clean chemicals and processes used do not harm the aircraft’s finish or interior
  • Escorts passengers while on airport property and assists ground crews with the loading of the passengers, baggage, and cargo
  • Proactively seek resolutions to potential operational issues
  • Other duties and assignments as directed by the Flight Operations Division Head, the Director of Aviation or their designees
  • Makes decisions and develops solutions that adhere to the EWVRAA’s Vision, Mission, and Values
  • Complete training as assigned by the Flight Operations Division Head and/or the Director of Aviation
  • Able to meet and maintain the qualifications necessary to serve in dual 14 CFR Part 135 Director of Operations and Chief Pilot role requirements

Job Requirements:

  • Airport Authority Board Directors and Staff
  • Aircrew and flight department personnel
  • Customers and clients
  • FBO Personnel
  • Vendors and contractors
  • FAA Baltimore FSDO Inspectors
  • NBAA and other aviation trade organizations
  • Aircraft, engine, avionics, and other manufacturers
  • Training providers

Challenges, Traits and Characteristics

  • Must be available to work a flexible schedule to include evenings, weekends, and holidays
  • Must have excellent customer service skills and professional appearance and demeanor
  • Must be able to adapt to change on a constant basis
  • Ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from executives and other key interfaces
  • Ability to collect information, analyze data, define problems, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions in a timely manner
  • Must submit to and be capable of passing a required drug test
  • Offering options and making decisions that do not compromise safety or company procedures while meeting the customer’s needs and expectations
  • Safety conscious in all aspects of the job
  • Must be detail oriented and able to manage complex tasks
  • Excellent technical skill sets
  • Ability to set priorities
  • Good planning skill sets
  • Strong organizational skill sets
  • Strong computer knowledge
  • Strong interpersonal skill sets
  • Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Persistence in follow-through
  • Team focused
  • Punctual, regular and consistent attendance
  • FAA Airline Transport Pilot license with necessary type ratings is required
  • Extensive King Air series experience required
  • Minimum of 20 years of experience in corporate aviation operations flying multi-engine turboprop or jet aircraft is required
  • Minimum of 5 years of aviation management or supervisory experience is preferred
  • Knowledge of computer applications including Microsoft Office and FlightDocs
  • High school diploma or GED required
  • College degree is preferred
  • Experience as Safety Officer is desirable
  • Be thoroughly familiar with pertinent FAA regulations for Part 135 and Part 91 flight operations
  • Requires a minimum of 4,000 hours of flight experience and 2,000 hours of pilot-in-command experience
  • Must stay current with federal and local flight regulations
  • Able to meet and maintain the qualifications necessary to serve in dual 14 CFR Part 135 Director of Operations and Chief Pilot role requirements including but not limited to those described in 14 CFR § 119.71
Physical Requirements

Requires sitting, standing, bending, reaching, stretching, climbing and using ladders and stairs, standing and sitting for extended periods. May require lifting passenger bags and cargo, up to 100 pounds. Requires manual dexterity sufficient to operate aircraft in flight and standard office machines such as computers, calculators, telephones, radios and other office equipment; and conduct inspection and troubleshooting of aircraft. This position entails sometimes physically strenuous tasks in a variety of weather and environmental conditions. Exposure to noise from equipment and aircraft and outdoor weather conditions on airport apron.

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